Eco Collographs/Negative Space

Eco Collograph III 22 January 2018The print to the left is one from a batch I made using for the first time my new little fine art printer.

And I’ve been playing around with the prints with a focus on, as I wrote about recently, their negative spaces.

The first print is of three sumac leaves from my new garden. I froze a bagful of their very colourful autumn leaves.

I then scanned the print into the computer so I could mess around with copies before committing myself to altering the real print.

I then cut each of the three leaves out of the paper and glued them back down again slightly to their left, which left gaps in the paper next to each one.

Eco Collograph V with Negative Spaces 22 January 2018I then glued it all onto a backing of acid-free tissue paper. Held up to the light, the gaps are illuminated like windows.

It was a very simple process, as you can see.

It shifts everything, seismically.

I’ve been doing other what-ifings circling the issue of negative spaces. I’ve hunted high and low but can’t find them right now. Maybe they’ve disappeared, for good, into negative space.



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