I’m Back – And Befriending the Rohingya

I am at last on the other side of my Great Transition and to kick off anew am very happy to have just donated a tiny sum to the Avaaz Foundation help the Rohingya, in the process of transiting, in their case aka ethnically cleansed (what a sparkling expression for mass murder/genocide) out of Burma (Myanmar) to safety in Bangladesh. My tiny donation is for the hire of boats to get these persecuted men women and children across the river dividing Burma and Bangladesh and safety. I ask that you too please think of helping these peoples via Avaaz .

I cannot but be acutely aware of the vastness of the difference between my transition and that of these poor people, who have recently been described as “… the most friendless people on the world …”, and to be glad to be a drop in the ocean of aid. A drop isn’t much, but when it’s part of an ocean of drops … that’s an ocean of friends, isn’t it?

Avaaz – The World in Action

And I hope by this time next week I will be able to publish some pictures of my new artistic territory and some new art to showcase.




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8 Responses to I’m Back – And Befriending the Rohingya

  1. Ah! There you are! Was wondering how you were doing. Looking forward to the next installment.


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