Passing It On: Rob Stevens

I’m not able to progress much of my own work to blog about in what has been a difficult and prolonged transitional period (I’ve already had to set writing and singing to one side quite a while back). I am often uplifted and encouraged by the work of my Internet friends, however and thought that Passing It On is something I could do in the interim. Passing it on might just be the no. 1 best aspect of the Internet, anyway.

Passing It On might just become a regular feature of my blog. As it has occurred to me during the writing of this, that in these very troubled times, when yet another terrorist attack has been enacted in a large city – this time Barcelona – it is even more important to emphasise the positive, the creative, to reinforce and continue to reinforce the Truth that hate is the domain of the minute few. Creativity is the domain, mindset and activity of the vast majority. A creative act being (to me) synonymous with an act of Love, hate will never prevail; hate will never prevail; hate will never prevail.

So here I am passing on a musical composition by my multi-talented Internet friend, Rob Stevens. I’ve known Rob online for maybe seven or eight years now. In addition to this piano composition, which I’ve praised elsewhere for its insistency (which speaks to me also of persistency – a fundamentally necessary quality of the artist – and life in general).

Rob has a beautiful singing voice and he kindly allows me to continue to use his breathtakingly lovely and haunting composition, sung by himself, In This Simple Place Called Love. Here it is and here he is, on my You Tube video The Healing Power of Animals.



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