Purple Sage, Accolade

Purple Sage (Eco Collograph)

“Practicing creativity in every way we can think of feels like the most powerful response to current events that we can make. Adding to the beauty of the world and allowing our work to reflect the highest qualities of our soul feels to me like a way of helping to create positive change in our world.” Suzanne Miller

There are times when as an artist I feel utterly pointless and powerless. This is especially so when I hear of yet another terrorist or other terrible outrage and there have been several of these here in London recently. 

Invariably, one of my Internet friends will turn up and put my hat on the right way round again. So it was with the above quote, which  reminds me of the power and purpose of art, the innate goodness of the activity and practice and restores my spirit and resilience.

Aren’t Suzanne’s words inspiring and uplifting?

Suzanne lives in Warrnambool, on the south-western coast of Victoria, Australia. The best aspect of the Internet for me is that it’s made it possible to connect with wise and creative folks like Suzanne, living and creating far away on the other side of the world, to connect and in doing so, be reminded of the power and purpose of art and to keep on keeping on with it.















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