Conjuror’s Trick: Blueberry Eco Collograph: Acid v Alkaline

Eco Collograph II Blueberry Leaves on Watercolour Paper 18 July 2017

Eco Collograph: Young Blueberry Shoots on Watercolour Paper

“Why there hasn’t been time for the bushes to grow.
That’s always the way with the blueberries, though:
There may not have been the ghost of a sign
Of them anywhere under the shade of the pine,
But get the pine out of the way, you may burn
The pasture all over until not a fern
Or grass-blade is left, not to mention a stick,
And presto, they’re up all around you as thick
And hard to explain as a conjuror’s trick.”

Robert Frost: Blueberries

P S  The poem isn’t really about blueberries.  Or magic.  It’s about acidity versus alkalinity.

Sort of.



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2 Responses to Conjuror’s Trick: Blueberry Eco Collograph: Acid v Alkaline

  1. Ann, these are outrageously glorious!


    • AnnIsikArts says:

      I can agree without seeming vain because all I’ve done is introduce the ‘elements’ to each other! I’m having such a good time with this process. I feel like an alchemist, witch, goddess (well, not quite that) and wild child of nature.


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