Herbiarum Vocabularum

One from my latest batch of eco collography experiments. I made these from herbs from our allotment. I am fascinated by the fact that the dark green colour of the leaves, during the process, changes to brown. This has happened with many of the prints. I wonder how it is that the pressure on the plant matter precipitates the chemical changes that create this phenomenon. Or it is about the chemicals in the water in which the paper is soaked? Or a combination of both?

I used Bergamot Mint to create this print. I’m thinking now of producing an herbiary, a compendium of herbs in the same manner of the bestiary, which dates to the Middle Ages and were illustrated descriptions of animals accompanied by “… a moral lesson, … [reflecting] the belief that the world … was the Word of God, and … every living thind had its … special meaning.” (Wikipedia). 

I’ve wanted to research bestiary for years. And it seems that now is the time. And it also seems that I’ve for a second time in a couple of weeks invented a new word. First there was Eco Collography and now there is herbiary. I can even attribute to this name a latin origin for if bestiary is bestiarum vocabularum, then herbiary must be herbiarum vocabularum. And it also occurred to me in considering an herbiary, given that it would have, like a bestiary, its metaphysical aspect, that this would also fall within my theme, Towards the Light.

In regard to the metaphysical I’m already thinking of Jon Silkin’s Flower Poems and Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal.







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