Oak Flowers on Silk – an Epitaph

I pass through this park regularly on my way to the allotment. There’s a path that runs between the railway line and a row of mixed trees, shrubs and brambles. I’ve got to know this path well and the greenery has furnished me with bountiful material for eco printing purposes.

I am on nodding terms with chimes of wrens, quarrels of sparrows, murders of magpies, pandemonia of parakeets, kits of wood pigeons and flotillas of gulls. Then there are the skulks of foxes.

I am greeted with enthusiasm by a good number of dogs regularly exercised in the park. There’s Jerry the springer (and his venerable and jokey master, two black labs in jaunty red harnesses and there are deceits of dogs of every pedigree under the authority of their professional dog walkers.

Oak Flowers

Little did I know that my eco prints would become epitaphs for this park, for it is to be developed into housing. Where there is birdsong will soon be a shrill of scaffolding, a grumble of machines.

I pray all this won’t begin until this year’s fledgings.

I recently posted a blog Soil Soul Society in which Satish Kumar gave a talk about being the change in urban areas, of finding ways of planting and growing – by creating and maintaining personal gardens (so often concreted over these days for parking space for a second, third or even fourth car), by taking up plots in allotments, or instigating community gardens.

There’s a shortage of houses, they say. We also need green spaces around houses, so we can get away from each other, chill out, think, get some air. Feed ourselves, for which we need soil, the fertile soil that is being more and more, buried beneath new houses.

Eco Print: Oak Flowers on Silk

There may not be another Spring in this park, so here is a bouquet in tribute, of flowers of oak, on silk.

There may never be another flowering of the oaks from which these flowers blossomed and fell almost into my hands as I walked beneath them.







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2 Responses to Oak Flowers on Silk – an Epitaph

  1. A tragedy from the point of the birds and from everyone using the small reserve of land… but maybe in the end something good for those in need of a place of living… it’s a hard choice really… I’m blessed myself with a piece of wood of my own… and we have both birds and squirrels…

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    • AnnIsikArts says:

      I envy you your wood! Housing is about gross mismanagement of resources and existing housing stock (and other issues) rather than lack of houses, in my opinion. Nature is always the loser – short-sighted in the extreme since within less than 15 years from now, it is likely we will not be producing enough oxygen for human needs. Thanks for reading and nice to hear from you again. 🙂


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