A Fine Pickle

A recent eco print experiment. This is an iron blanket (or carrier cloth). It ought to have had prints from plant material on it. Didn’t work. Hmmm.

As usual, I sprayed the cloth with a 50/50 vinegar/water solution. It was already carrying iron as I’d soaked the cloth, overnight, some time ago, in a ferrous sulphate and H20 solution.

The only thing I did differently was to use white pickling vinegar. (I didn’t have any other). Was the pickling vinegar the culprit for the failure? Fellow eco printers help me out here!

The leaf sandwiches were bound very tightly between two ceramic tiles then boiled for two hours in madder root dye. I do like the result however. There is plenty of space to animate one way or another, between those dark patterns, the result of the string and rubber bands I used to bind the parcel of prints for boiling. It’s accidental shibori.  The orange is iron.

Forces and energy (pressure, heat, chemicals).

I’ve been working on my artworks web site. I’m linking the little works, experiments, to the blogs in which I’ve written about them, where I have done that.

It is time to take the images and the words and pickle them.

Do go and look at my artworks web site. I’ve cleared the cobwebs.
















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3 Responses to A Fine Pickle

  1. Your art site is awesome!

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    • AnnIsikArts says:

      Kind words indeed. I wondered about the use of the side, but it has proved a good idea. In cataloguing and organising I realised I’ve also written blogs about a lot of it, so instead of doing a lot more ‘talking’, I thought it would be a good idea to add a short extract from the relevant blog and a link back to the blog. And in the process, realised that the content of the blog is the way to develop the artworks further (and always under my ‘theme’ title ‘Below the Line’. So it is about to prove itself invaluable. It’s also bolstered my self-esteem as it ‘exhibits’ that I HAVE been making progress. All these years … Thanks for visiting Petru. 🙂

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