Faerie Narrative: A Suite of Two Eco Prints

eco-print-on-cardboard-backing-paper-ii-25-february-2017What the photos don’t show are the mica-like specs embedded in these papers, which are the cardboard backings of watercolour-faced boards, separated into sheets by peeling when wet.

Some of the specs are pink. They glitter constantly reminding me of tiny lights in the depths of a wood. This alters the scale of the pieces. The stalks (bramble still with their dead and dried fruits attached) become trees. The tiny red maple leaf print becomes undergrowth. The conical indentations are actually Pussy Willow buds on their stalks (yes, spring is coming). They have acted as resists in the dyeing/printing process. What are they? Fire torches – a procession through the forest.

eco-print-on-cardboard-backing-paper-25-february-2017Where am I today? Why, I’m in the realm of faerie.

The prints are mirror images of each other. They were part of a mixed fabic/paper batch boiled in a dye of alkanet and red onion skins.

Narratives of faerie and of mirror.

In these, I’m reminded of the illustrations of Arthur Rackham.



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2 Responses to Faerie Narrative: A Suite of Two Eco Prints

  1. Bumba says:

    Your colors are similar to his. Thanks for the slideshow and intro to Rackham, and thanks for your prints.

    Liked by 1 person

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