ICH BIN BERLIN: Gregorian: Christmas Chants, Live in Berlin

Love WILL prevail.


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7 Responses to ICH BIN BERLIN: Gregorian: Christmas Chants, Live in Berlin

  1. Thanks, I needed that! Peace.

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  2. Very beautiful. I wish I had time to listen to all of it.

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    • AnnIsikArts says:

      It won’t be going anywhere, so listen when you can. Just wanted to do something in the face of yet another atrocity: this time, Berlin got it.

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      • We are just receiving news over here in America as we awaken! Shocking! I have an old school friend who lives in Berlin and I noted that he marked himself safe on Facebook.

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      • AnnIsikArts says:

        I’m glad your friend is safe. It’s been an awful week. My husband flew into Izmir, to the very place it was bombed, the day after the bombing. We spoke on FaceTime and I could hear the demonstration going on (44 deaths at that point) on the street outside his hotel room. He flew home today, from Istanbul, just as the Turkish President was arriving to open the new tunnel under the Bosphorus linking Asian and European quarters and a day after a policeman shot dead the Russian ambassador because of Aleppo. The airport was in chaos. Istanbul is in chaos. Then this morning – the news of Berlin. So glad my husband is home now. Well, I’m STILL going to see London’sWinter Wonderland, terrorists or no terrorists. Have a nice Christmas Joseph. Love WILL prevail.

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      • Yes it will. The pathway to prevailing is just a bit circuitous but it prevails no matter where we are in the journey. Love never fails.

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