Just a Thought: No 1

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

An odd thought sometimes drops into that maze of neurons between my ears, so I’m thinking it might be a good idea to write these oddities down in blog form, as a more dynamic – interactive – way of recording them than just scribbling them into a notebook, or as happens, failing to jot them down at all and losing them. Dynamic in that by putting these feathery thoughts out there, someone will come along and make them cohere in a comment.

Just a Thought No 1. is just this: sometimes, even a lot of the time, I find myself presented with two or more images that are linked, yet I don’t know how, can’t find out and so can take them no further. I am left with an uncomfortable blank feeling. It occurred to me that it might be enough to put the images out into the world as they are, unresolved.

I'm thinking about what you should do with all these blank sheets of paper

I’m thinking about what you should do with all these blank sheets of paper.

It might be just as valid, more honest, as hanging onto them until I can present a well-thought-out argument, neatly rounded-off; more honest, even. I mean, is Life neat, rounded-off, void of incoherence, of blank feelings? After all, no matter what you put out there it is processed, often into something that has nothing to do with your intent. Sometimes, this adds to your work, is inspirational, is something in the work you hadn’t yourself seen.



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