Found:Unbound I

found-unbound-i-1-13-october-2016I recently finished the first little work in the series – a sort of dismantled artist book – which I’m calling, for now at least, Found Unbound.  Here it is, framed.

unbound-i-version-iii-14-september-2016Here’s the work at an earlier stage. I wrote about it in Walking the Paradox – Found Unbound with the Corinthians.

Why do I like cryptic blog titles? Because they are mysteries to unravel, like this artist book. They are a kind of glue. Not as messy.

In the finished work, to the left-hand page – the book cover – I’ve added three vertical bands of silk habotai rust-dyed with rusted flotsam and jetsam scavenged from the beach at Weybourne during my trip in August. And to each band I’ve added nine stitches, zigzagging vertically, using white rust-dyed embroidery cotton.  The whole measures 18 x 9 cms. Note the multiples of three.


Finally, I’ve included a rusted nail. It looks like it has pierced the material, but I slotted it through two of the four holes that would have been used for the book’s binding.

I’ve added nothing to the eco print on the right-hand side except to lay it over the white plaster of Paris and encaustic book cover.

It’s a funny little thing. I’m curious about the possibilities in the additions to the work. And so, rather than, as is my nature, rushing recklessly into the second work in the series – of three, (of course) – I’m doing some further research: into piercing, into zigzagging, into Teresa of Avila, into the Lemma and into a whole bunch of other stuff.

I like cryptic.









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