A Walk through my Blog – Treasure and Trash

I received a trophy from WordPress the other day, to acknowledge my sixth anniversary as a WordPress blogger. I’ve written 560 blog posts. That’s a lot of words.

This has become a year of big walks – big changes. Well, the decision to take big walks – make big changes.

It’s also become a year – I realised this only just recently – of consolidations; at least, regarding my artwork. It’s that time of life, you know.

My WordPress trophy tells me it’s time to consolidate my writing, too, so I’m about to take a long walk through my blog, see what’s there worth consolidating. Sort the treasure from the trash.

Anybody out there walking his/her blog? Already done it? What treasure did you find? What did you do with it?

I’d like to know.




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2 Responses to A Walk through my Blog – Treasure and Trash

  1. Renie Burghardt says:

    I love your picture on here! Having a problem signing in. And I do not have a blog. Maybe I should get one? Is it hard to get on Word Press?

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    • AnnIsikArts says:

      Hi, Renie. Thanks for ‘stopping by’. It’s not hard at all to get on WordPress. You just sign up for a blog. And take it from there – selecting a visual theme and layout first, that suits your needs. It’s all free unless you want to buy ‘premium’ themes and other stuff.


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