Yes, I think you can call it that – adventuring – what I’ve been doing since my last blog of … 31 July.  Really? I’ve been gone that long? Oh, well, when the road calls … Here’s a handful of photos to illustrate something of what I’ve been up to, each of which I will expand upon in due course.

Eco Print on Silk Chiffon II 4 August 2016

Eco Printing

Parakeet Tail Feather and Magpie Feather Allotment August 2016

Feather Collecting

RHS Knobbly Courgettes August 2016


Turks Head Turban August 2016

More Harvesting

Marrow Boats 3 August 2016

Cooking from Harvest

Church With Ankhs Interior Shot James First Coat of Arms Medieval Bible Cover August 2016


What adventures have kept you away from your blog?

I’d like to know.


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6 Responses to Adventuring

  1. The most amazing pumpkin I’ve ever seen! What’s it called? And please, please can I have the recipe of the delicious looking cooking from the harvest?

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    • AnnIsikArts says:

      Hi Petru. I drafted a long email to you and saved it to add to and when I went back it had disappeared. I was so annoyed! Grrrrh! The pumpkin is called ‘Turk’s Head Turban’, which I grew from seed and given that my husband is Turkish by birth, seemed an appropriate choice. 🙂 THT has one of those ‘sophisticated’ constructions that inspire awe in the face of nature, for me. I’ve cooked these and marrow and courgette in a variety of ways – they absorb flavours so easily. I’ll post some of the ways I’ve used these on my blog, if you like. This year’s harvest – our second year of keeping an allotment plot – has been good; we’ve had to buy another freezer and there’s MORE to come! So pleased to hear from you.


      • It’s Spring here in South Africa and I’m working quite hard getting seeds to sprout, I think I started to soon, we had a late frost so lost some but am trying again. Collecting cow dung (cattle walk around here fairly often) and raking leaves and making compost and buying compost and, and and …. 🙂 So looking forward to eating entirely, veggie wise, from my own garden! I’m thinking of preserving some in bottles and definitely will invest in a chest freezer as soon as I can. Hope to sell some produce for a bit of pocket money. We’ll see how it goes. I look forward to seeing how you prepared the produce for eating. In other words, a recipe would be real nice! Take care. How are the plans for moving going?

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      • AnnIsikArts says:

        I’ve preserved some of the ‘warty’ yellow courgettes in bottles. See picture ‘Harvesting’. Sliced into thinnish rounds, then coated in olive oil in a bowl, then grilled in an air fryer, then packed into sterilised big glass jars with olive oil mixed with a bit of white wine vinegar. I’ve made some blackberry vinegar with berries picked in a wood … it involved straining the berries through muslin, which I then died further in sea water. Everything is art!

        I’ll be in touch by email soon re the other stuff.

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      • Everything is art – love that! If I seem to have disappeared, I’m going off line for a bit, less WordPress and only concentrating on the newspaper work I do these days. I have a nerve pinched in my shoulder and it’s a problem due to incessant right hand action on the cursor and not sitting correctly or something. Take care.

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      • AnnIsikArts says:

        I wish you a speedy recovery. I have had trouble with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or at least I’ve had steroid injections which fixed it (tingling and numbing of the hands). And I sit on a stool, not a chair – I find I relax into chairs but the stool makes me sit up properly! Take care. Ann

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