Nature Journal 5: Hawkweed, Hawkbit

Common Hawksbeard June 2016“Coles tells us respecting the Eyebright how “Divers authors write that goldfinches, linnets, and some other birds make use of this herb, for the repairing of their own and their young ones’ sight. The purple and yellow spots and stripes which are upon the flowers of Eyebright, doth very much resemble the diseases of the eyes, as blood-shot, etc. By which signature it hath been found out that this herb is very effectual for the curing of the same.” In similar fashion the eagle brightens its eye with the Wild Lettuce; and the Hawk-bit or Hawk-weed was used by the hawk for the same purpose. “ – from Flowers & Flower Lore, by Revd Hilderic Friend, Chapter X, Superstitions about Flowers.


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