Visual Journal

Artefacts Pencil Drawing 21 April 2016For some time I’ve thought I ought to be making a daily visual journal to replenish my well of images (image wells drain away very quickly, need constant refilling) and decided yesterday to begin. I’ll post a day behind, to give me time to reflect.

These images will not be elaborate. Likely they’ll be mostly pencil works. They may be ugly. They may have little meaning. But a journal is for catching, snatching. From the day just gone. It is about gathering – seeds, that will germinate at a later date. Or never.

Here’s the first. When I get a chance I’ll glue it into a journal. It’s called Artefacts, but I’ll write about it another time.

Do you journal daily? I’d like to take a peek at your work.


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  1. Wow!. What is it? I should do the same, re the visual journal.

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