January Blue Note

Encaustic grounds in preparation, with blue note

Encaustic grounds in preparation, with blue note

I don’t do January at all well. The crescendo of Christmas and New Year has past. I am diminished. January is a grey note, repeated. I want to hibernate. Sleep till spring. Curiously, when I do sleep, I have colourful dreams.

This morning, I looked out of my window and saw blue, a patch of blue sky. My spirits rose. And in that moment I realised that for me, blue equals hope and promise.

As I was gifted this blue, I am passing it on. Spreading the hope and promise.  If you don’t pass it on, you don’t get to keep it you know.





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Artist/Writer/Chess Enthusiast/Musician (Singer)/Gardener
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6 Responses to January Blue Note

  1. Nice! I loved patch of blue. We have blue skies and bright sunshine again today.. Hurray!

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  2. sued51 says:

    I also have a problem with January, it seems gray, gray, gray…Thank you for the gift of blue!


  3. And to think when we’re sad we say we’re blue.


    • AnnIsikArts says:

      ‘Blue’ is definitely a hard-done word. ‘Blue’ should sue, I think, and so, I think, do you. See how melodic it is. ‘Singing the blues’ – ‘blues’ originating in slavery – is also about singing AWAY the blues. Companionship between slaves and all that. 🙂

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