Pavillon Chinois Artist Book: On Curating, Scrying, Hydromancy, The Cup of Jamshid and Quantum Mechanics (Even)

If you click on Gallery II you’ll see instantly that the images I’ve used in the accordion artist book I just made (well, it’s not quite finished) arise from the images I produced for Pagoda, which began as photos of reflections in a small pond being disturbed by the wind. The pond stood in front of a pagoda folly situated in the town of L’Isle Adam, near Paris. I wrote:

Ferns L'Isle-Adam“The pagoda (in French pavillon chinois) … is situated in the French town of L’Isle-Adam, situated 20 miles or so by car from the centre of Paris, in the Val d’Oise department of the Ile de France. I’ve taken many a walk in the forest which surrounds the town. The walks inspired me to produce a book of  my own photographic images and an essay about the history of the town and forest.”

[The picture on the left is on the front cover of the book jacket].

“The pond that stands in front of the pagoda is overhung by large trees and on a windy day the reflections of the trees in the water become a show of ever-changing images. Their largely black and white qualities, their environment, reminded me of the tradition of Chinese landscape painting, of the economy of haiku poetry. This is my inspiration for the artworks represented in the slideshow, which are derived from some of the photos I took of the wind-disturbed reflections in the pond.”

I manipulated my photos and from what evolved, created a series of prints on silk. I used images of these to produce my You Tube video (above). The beautiful and haunting accompaniment ‘The Celestial Celebration’ is courtesy my Internet friend composer/singer/musician Rob Stevens. It’s on his album ‘Project One’, available for download from Amazon and iTunes.  More of Rob’s music is showcased here on Fandalism.

Plaster Encaustic Accordion Book IImage VII 19 October 2015These images continue to evolve. In this, my first artist’s book, they have become even more mysterious. I like the image on the right best. It is like looking through an old foxed mirror into another world, a fragment of some past (or even future).

The words scrying and hydromancy come to mind.

I read that Nostradamus was a scryer, using a bowl of water or magic mirror to look into the future. The Cup of Jamshid.

But what about this: the future can change the past.  From an article in the Daily Mail (UK newspaper):

“Scientists in the US have devised a series of new experiments to probe the quantum mechanical properties of single particles.  These particles have a state that is not merely unknown, but totally undefined before … measured. It is the act of measurement itself that forces … particle to collapse to a definite state – as evidenced in the infamous Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment.  Professor Kater Murch at Washington University has found that by knowing the future outcome of a particle, its state in the past is altered. Without knowing the information, the state is more likely to remain the same. In other words, knowing future events can change the past.”

Focus. I wrote about curating in a previous blog. An image is never just an image. It has significance, or rather, significances. Curating images is about selecting from  significances available to the curator at a given time. Another time, there may be more significances perceivable. It’s about the evolution of knowledge, experience and intuition. Where they evolve, so do the images.

Art is never static. It’s in constant flux, in accord with its curator. And maybe looking at  art is like scrying and if scrying is looking at the future, then it may be that this lookingness will change the past. So making art changes the world. Really.





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  1. Susan says:

    I always love reading your posts.
    And I love mysterious.

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