Allotment Artefacts

Four Fragments of Ceramic Tile Allotment 2015I dug up these four ceramic fragments at the allotment this year, each at different times. They’re bits of a tile. I suspect 1960s – burnt orange was in fashion in the 60s. And psychedelic designs.

I wonder what I will do with these? I took this photo of them, then discovered there is to be a mosaic-making workshop this month.

Ah! So that’s what I am to do with them.

What have you dug up recently?

I’d like to know.



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2 Responses to Allotment Artefacts

  1. Hi, Funny you should ask. Just been for a short walk and picked up human made debris with a view to ‘landart’. Was inspired by the work done from the site. Have a look, you’ll be amazed/inspired/fired up. Much regard. Petru


    • AnnIsikArts says:

      Hi Petru. Thanks for directing my attention to Site Specific. Yes, it is good. It’s not just about plonking a sculpture into a space (like say, a life-size or even bigger bronze of a footballer) but a relationship between the actual space and the artwork. I like that.


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