Inch of the Day 30 September 2015: Walking the White Cliffs and Looking at an Horizon

Blue Orange Horizon St Margarets 30 September 2015As it was my husband’s birthday today and the weather was fine, we drove down to an old and favourite walking haunt,  St Margaret’s at Cliffe. We lunched at The Pines Garden Tea Rooms as usual, which serves mega-amounts of delicious dishes prepared using veggies from the gardens, bought some of their veggies and seeds and walked the cliffs towards Dover and back again.

On the way back I was confronted with this drama of verticals and horizontals. There was a battle going on, on the horizon – a clash between blue and orange.

I can see those fence posts turning up as stitches sometime. Mending battle wounds. Sewing boundaries together again.

We gathered apples from the same wild-sewn tree we harvested this time last year.

Green circles, blue skies, orange horizons.




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