Inch of the Day 29 September 2015: Plaster of Paris Accordion Book in Progress

Plaster of Paris Accordion BookWent out today, bought birthday presents, cards, wrapping paper, new jeans and top for myself as I’ve lost weight and most of my current clothes are too big now. Came home, wrapped the presents, wrote the cards, went out again to buy stuff to make a birthday cake.

Baked the birthday cake. Yes, me, the undomesticated, baked a birthday cake – well, alright, it was a packet cake, and after the cake was cooked I left it on the kitchen bench to cool and came back an hour later to find the cat licking it all over.

At least the cat likes the cake. And while I baked the cake, I listened to and sang through Chilcott’s A Little Jazz Mass as I’m learning this to sing on 10 October.

Plaster of Paris Accordion Book II 29 September 2015Then I carried on making this Plaster of Paris accordion book. (That’s where the Inch a Day comes in – I have to do an inch every day of art, writing, singing – whatever, as long as it’s progressing one of my artiferous projects.

I actually started to make the book yesterday and I’ve been leaving it to dry. So today, the inch was checking its dryness. I would not have had time to do the next step. Give me a break. I baked the cake. And did all that other stuff. And washed and dried two loads of clothes. I might yet be beatified for domesticity.

The technique for the plaster accordion book is from Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch’s book Encaustic Revelation – Cutting Edge Techniques from the Masters of Encausticamp. Encausticamp is a encaustic workshop retreat. The book consists of demonstrations (how-tos) from nine of the instructors. The plaster and encaustic book-making technique is revealed by artist Bridgette Guerzon Mills. I love her work and I’ve been itching to try this technique.

Plaster of Paris Pages with Black and White Flint StonesIf you look closely at the first photo, you’ll see that one of the pages didn’t attach well. They’re made from plasterised gauze. I have this big roll. It’s called ModRoc. I cut eight 6×6 inch sheets from it, then dipped each sheet in a bucket of water to wet it and then smooth it out and attach them to each other with strips of muslin.

The reason the last sheet didn’t attach was because the plaster dried (superficially) too fast. I was too slow attaching the muslin. In fact I had to discard the three sheets in the third photo – under the black and white flint stones. They won’t be wasted, I’ll just do separate works on each.

And as I’ll be adding stitch to the accordion book, I’ll be able to repair the sheet that didn’t attach property.

Next time I get to this project I’ll be adding oil colour and encaustic and some images. I plan on doing a whole series of these books.

What artiferous projects are you working on right now?  I’d like to know.

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2 Responses to Inch of the Day 29 September 2015: Plaster of Paris Accordion Book in Progress

  1. Rob Stevens says:

    Happy birthday Ann


    • AnnIsikArts says:

      Thanks so much Rob, but it’s my husband’s! I didn’t explain that, did I? He hit double 5 (when he shouldn’t have survived his brain tumour in 2007, but then there was the miracle). 🙂


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