Inch of the Day 23 September 2015: Singing: Ave Maria: Javier Busto

Today I’ve been practising not the above, but John Rutter’s O Clap Your Hands, from his Psalmfest, for the choral society rehearsal tomorrow night. But I don’t want to Rutter everybody to death (though I could listen to and sing his stuff 24/24). Well, I’d probably get sick of it myself actually, on that basis.

Anyway, I decided to post this lovely Ave Maria by Javier Busto. I have the sheet music and sang it with a French choral society I belonged to. I think it’s haunting and I love the call and response between the voices. (Well, that’s what I call it anyway). It’s a conversation, isn’t it?

Busto (Javier Busto Sagrado) was born in 1949 and is a choral music composer and conductor. He’s from the Spanish Basque country.




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