Inch of the Day Saturday 19 September 2015: Flint and Feather



Flint and Feather is my manuscript-in-edit first novel. A right old tangled mess, but which I’ve been able to start smoothing out for a few months. It’s more like an inch a month project at the moment. But then I just read something and it gave me an idea of how better, i.e. faster, to progress it. It won’t be an original idea, except for me.

I’m going to project how my main character will end up (i.e. has changed) at the end of the novel. (In my case, check she’s where I want her to be). Then I’m going to look at all the obstacles that she’s going to have placed before her that she’s going to have to overcome for this change to come about.

LGM Book One Chapter 1 Guilded Girl Feeding Bird Statue On Concourse Next Musee de l'Homme Medium Web viewIt’s called plotting, isn’t it?  Plain and simple. It’s not rocket science. I even have a theme. And since I’ve written it, it’s a question of organisation.  I hope. (I always get suspicious when I get an idea that seems very simple).

What do you think, novelists out there? How do – or did – you approach editing your manuscripts?  I’d like to know.


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