Inch of the Day 7 September 2015: Variations on a Theme: Bleach Pen Blues

Bleach Pen on Eco Dyed Bleach Pen on Lining Fabric Blue Green 7 September 2015Still playing around with eco-dyed fabrics and the bleach pen. These have arisen from the image I posted yesterday. I manipulated it in Photoshop using the invert tool, then adjusting the contrast and hue.

It’s really 8 September – very early in the morning – so I’m cheating by calling this my Inch of the Day for 7 September, but I fell asleep at the computer last night. Just to be honest, you know. Keeping it clean.

Bleach Pen on Lining Fabric Blue Green 7 September 2015And musical. It’s kinda chintzy, I think. I got the Chintzy Chintzy Blues. Is it because I’m singing Bob Chilcott’s A Little Jazz Mass at the moment, I wonder? More on that tomorrow. I mean today.

Do you have a favourite Photoshop tool or tip for manipulating images?  I’d like to know.



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