Inch of the Day 4 September 2015: Blueprints

Blueprint I

Blueprint I

The blueprint has long (about 30 years) been a preoccupation. Blueprints come about by (tight) physical contact and (light) sensitivity. Tight and Light. Forces and energies. Consider this: blueprint as template. And prototype (primitive form). Big Bang Theory. Without wishing to alienate Creationists, (Creationism is as valid a theory of the origins of life as any other, in the face of proof to the otherwise) Big Bang Theory is about the explosion of matter by forces and energies. In this scenario, the matter exploded had to be created.  Unless one adheres to the idea of a kind of Möbius strip universe, where everything has always existed, on a loop that has never had beginning or end. But then, who or what is behind the Möbius strip?  I’m open to dialogue in all this.

Blueprint II 1 September 2015Anyway, here are some blueprints (however you care to define this) of my recent bleach pen experiments.

Blueprint inchies.





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