Inch of the Day 3 September 2015: Inchie Energy, Inchie Music

Bleach Pen Inchie

Bleach Pen Inchie

Here’s another example of my ongoing explorations with a bleach pen.  Two more inchies. These were drawn onto inkjet prints, not fabric. I ironed these. The heat singed the bleach marks.

Page of Little Biro Drawings

Page of Little Biro Drawings

And some images dropped into my mind, as I was walking to a singing lesson yesterday, about how to develop these, so as soon as I could, I sketched them with a biro into a little notebook I carry with me.

I’m thinking early music notation.

Early Music Notation




This example could easily be a tapestry. Look at all those little black inchies dancing about the spaces on the staves, or hanging suspended from the lines. Then there are the lines that link squares. They could be stitches. I’m thinking stitches inside bleach pen marks. A dance within a dance, journey within a journey.

Strange how little sacred square things just drop into the mind. And make music.






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