Inch of the Day 29 August 2015: Ripples

Arrows: Encaustic on Paper Encaustic and acrylic paint on paper. Arrows. An arrow is a symbol for a force. The direction of a force. Not a sign. A ripple would be the sign of a force. A ripple might form the shape of an arrow, of course.

I wasn’t thinking about this. I was looking at the encaustic art of Nan Swid.

Today I’ve also been looking at music theory. Melody, harmony, tonality. Notation. Rhythm and metre. Texture.  Texture in music is interesting. Fugue. I’d like to put together some artwork derived from the shape of a fugue. Shape in music. Been looking at that. Philip Glass.

‘Inch a day’ seems to be shifting things. Creating events. Ripples. It’s making me register. Record. I let too many ripples go by uninspected.

I’m dreaming more. I’m tired. I had to go to bed this afternoon. Slept for three hours. Yesterday I did some heavy duty physical work at the allotment. There was a huge matted heap of weeds and grass from last year, when we started with chaos. We just had to clear a space, to start ordering. I stretched the heap into a horizontal line across the plot. Covered it with black netting. It was like a line on a sheet of music. I overlaid the line with a melody.

Good night. 🙂




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