Inch of the Day 28 August 2015

At the moment I’m singing through Handel, 45 Arias from Operas and Oratorios which is a three-volume collection of sheet music edited by American pianist, composer, music editor and singing teacher  Sergius Kagen and published by the International Music Company (New York).

Care Selve appears in Volume II and is an aria from Handel’s Atalanta.  Handel wrote Atalanta to celebrate the marriage in 1736 of Frederick the Prince of Wales (son of George II), to Augusta of Saxe-Gotha.

The rendition in the You Tube video is by American soprano Arleen Auger, whose voice I became acquainted with through her recording of Les Chants d’Auvergne, by Joseph Canteloupe. This was in 1994 on a Malaysian Airlines overnight flight. Unable to sleep, I listened to this suite of songs over an over, all night. Little did I know that  in 2014, some 20 years later, I’d be singing one of these haunting songs myself, solo (La Pastourelle). Auger died, tragically, aged 53, of a glial brain tumour. My husband is almost 8 years in remission of a glial brain tumour. Life can be very strange, don’t you think?

Anyway, I’ve been singing Care Selve. This is my inch of creativity for 28 August. I hope you enjoy it.




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10 Responses to Inch of the Day 28 August 2015

  1. Thank you for posting this, it’s a real discovery for me.

    On the way to a doctor’s appointment on Thursday, I turned the radio on – with the thought that whatever came on would point to some kind of meaningful coincidence (like opening a book at random and finding a ‘message’). I heard a dreamy, half-familiar music which turned out to be ‘Song to the Moon’ from Dvorak’s opera, Rusalka. It was beautifully sung by Lucia Popp. At that point I thought it was very pertinent to an issue I’d been concerned about. Now, seeing your post, I agree, life can be strange. When I got home I looked for videos of Lucia Popp and was saddened to learn that she had died of brain cancer in 1993. She, like Arleen Auger, was born in 1939 – a curious parallel between contemporaneous lives. I’m finding that whenever I try to replay ‘Song to the Moon’ in my head, it magically transforms into one of Canteloupe’s Songs of the Auvergne!


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    • AnnIsikArts says:

      I see no reason why you should not use the radio in the same way that Benedictine/Augustinian monks read The Bible (Lectio Divina). 🙂 I also sing Rusalka (in English). Not as well as Lucia Popp! The tale (as you might know) is about a water goblin’s daughter. She falls in love with a human and thus her problems begin. There’s a killer high note right at the end of the aria, which then plunges down an octave. I like to think that it symbolises Rusalka’s self-sacrificing plunge to her own doom. It was futile, but that’s life. It reminds me of a Buddhist shrine – cruelly – made of butterfly wings depicting a lifetime of the Buddha in which he was a tiger. Her cubs were starving so she threw herself from a mountain to provide food for them. My mind may operate like most butterflies, but I get to sup my nectar in places many don’t know even exist. I have experience of precognition via ‘dreams’ so I cannot be unconvinced that life consists of many realms. I’ve sung Canteloupe’s La Pastourelle (in Langue d’Oc) too. They are all quite melancholy, melody-wise but the lyrics are well, banal. Odd. I read your blog often. Can’t find a way of commenting, though. Perhaps it’s just as well, considering how much I ‘talk’! 🙂


      • The radio is very well-suited, as you say, to a kind of Lectio Divina or Sortes Virgilianae. Once I realised what the music was I resolved to break my silence on a particular ‘lunar-related’ issue by the following full moon – your post about Arleen Auger, coincidental as it was, reinforced my resolve to do this. I share your conviction that life consists of many realms, though I have to rely on the strange conjunctures of chance to ‘enlighten’ me, rather than precognitive sensitivity. Perhaps I should work on that. I’m afraid I haven’t found a way of ‘letting go’ as far as allowing comments is concerned, feel quite the hypocrite for freely commenting on your blog! Perhaps I should work on that too… Appreciate you reading the blog.

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      • AnnIsikArts says:

        There is more. After writing to you, I needed to make dinner. It’s not something I do, and to dull the pain 🙂
        decided to watch a film at the same time. I chose to watch one called Snowflower and a tiny subtitle underneath added: and the Fan.

        At the beginning of this film is a scene, of a boardroom-type situation.

        On the wall is an array of butterflies mounted in frames. The chairman of the company is giving a speech:

        “You know like these butterflies that surround us this evening, it’s a time of transformation, new beginnings. … I wanted to place my very best and you are my very best.”

        Coincidence? Of course, it is ironic that in the film the butterflies in the frames are dead – arranged for decorative purposes only and unlikely to be ‘transformed’ but there is transformation in the film.

        I had to look up Sortes Vergilinae. The early Christians sure did a lot of thieving, didn’t they?

        As far as I’m concerned, you don’t have to change anything, or strive for anything, and can comment on my blog any time you like.

        Are we in for a big transformation? Hoping so.

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      • Thank you! Butterflies seem to be quite the thing here too. Definitely seem to be transformative processes afoot – personally and societally.

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      • AnnIsikArts says:

        There is even more. I decided to watch a film on my iPad while cooking dinner last night. It was ‘Snowdrop’. There is a scene. I think it’s an hotel – a conference room – and the MD of this company says this:

        “You know like these butterflies that surround us this evening, it’s a time of transformation, new beginnings I wanted to place my very best and you are my very best …”

        Ironically, the butterflies he’s talking about are framed ones, on the wall behind him. They’ve been killed to decorate a wall in an hotel. They are a symbol otherwise in the film too. 🙂

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    • AnnIsikArts says:

      P S I just clicked over to your site and I’m listening to Popp’s Rusalka. She’s wearing a top with a huge butterfly on the front! The hairs are standing up on the back of my neck again. 🙂


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