Inch of the Day 27 August 2015

Sorrel Print I 21 January 2015Voila,  my inch of creativity today. It’s from Leaves: Three Short Tales, a compilation of three stories I’ve written and am now editing for publication, specifically for Kindle.

I have lots of stories awaiting further development and my cunning plan is to publish them in sets of three. Leaves will be the first compilation. This is an excerpt from the first of the three tales, The Second Coming of Judas Iscariot.

“What were the leaves like?” Again, he’d no idea where his question had come from.
“Big, they were big.”
“Shape?” Why am I asking these questions?
“Heart-shaped, no kidney …”
The hairs stood up on the back of his neck. The Gov was looking like a penny had dropped.
“You’re ‘Bookworm Bateson’.”
How does he know that?
“Know any Greek?”
“A bit, sir.”

A Isik (c) 2015

The image is of some leaf prints I did in January. These are prints of sorrel leaves. They are so simple to do. You just brush acrylic paint directly onto the leaf and press it onto some paper. The trick is to get the paint the right consistency and to use a receptive paper. I used cartridge from a cheap sketch pad. It’s a great art activity for kids.

Have you added an inch (or 2.54 cms if you prefer) to a creative project today?  I’d like to know.


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