An Inch a Day

Chapter Close upI’m setting myself a challenge, because it seems every time I settle down to some artwork, writing, singing, something throws the proverbial spanner in the works. Over the past two weeks, the culprit has been Microsoft and its Windows 10 Upgrade.

Upgrading to 10 was just like throwing a hand grenade at my operating system. Despite promises that if I wanted to, I could roll back to 8.1, I couldn’t and in the end I had to reinstall Windows, install all the updates, then reinstall 8.1 and its updates. I’ve had to reinstall all my programs and in the process I’ve lost hundreds of euros of iTunes music that I bought while I was living in France. (You can’t re-download iTunes music that you bought in other countries). I’m not blaming Microsoft, except for the poor customer support (one gave me information I didn’t need then cut me off, another cut me off as soon as I explained what I wanted, I shouted at another one over the phone, another gave me the wrong information but was nice about it).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve had problems with os upgrades before. The problem is, I think, without being a techie geek, that one’s computer gathers – like the rolling stone – a lot of moss during its lifetime (registry errors and the like) and really, clean booting ought to be made the only option when upgrading. Any IT professional reading this might be laughing into their socks, but that’s my opinion. Anyway, I won’t upgrade an os ever again, but wait for my laptop to expire and buy a new one with the latest os already installed.

The point is this, however. I’ve decided that no matter what happens, I’m going to try an inch a day. An inch of writing, an inch of art-making, an inch of singing. At least. More, of course, when possible. An inch of writing is easy, it’s about a paragraph of writing.  An inch of art is similarly measurable. I’m not sure about an inch of singing. I suppose I could count the bars.

Chapter Close UpIf you have a workable system that is helping you achieve your creative goals, I’d like to know.




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