Tumblr Features My Work : The Dust of Life

the-dust-of-life-v-adjacent-pageTumblr emailed me to say they’d featured a couple of spreads from one of my Arthouse Coop Sketchbook Project sketchbooks in their BS Project.

When I checked, it’s the first of my Arthouse Coop sketchbooks, the Fiction Project. I wrote a series of illustrated short stories  to the theme I’m a Scavenger. I called the collection The Dust of Life. This is one of the many pejorative names given to street children around the world. The stories are fictionalised accounts of the daily lives of real children who are obliged to work on giant stinking and dangerous municipal waste sites around the world, scavenging for recyclables in exchange for a pittance, with which they buy a little food for themselves and their families. Some children living like this are only two years old and work and live naked.

The Dust of Life Silk Print Series IIt’s featured here on Tumblr.

I made a slideshow of the entire book. It’s posted on Gallery I, set to a composition The Pages of My Life by my internet friend songwriter, singer, musician Rob Stevens.

I’m pleased this particular one of my Arthouse books has been featured because it draws attention once again to the scandal of street children scavengers around the world.

Think of donating just a fiver to one of the charities for streetchildren on Just Giving.


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2 Responses to Tumblr Features My Work : The Dust of Life

  1. Susan says:

    And well they should Ann. You work resonates so powerfully.


    • AnnIsikArts says:

      I especially liked doing this project because the images were largely from a little bag of rubbish sent to me by an artist. It was part of a ‘collection’ of rubbish she’d picked up during a year of sponsored daily walks on a local beach. The money raised went to the Marine Conservation Society. I then used the rubbish to make this book to highlight the plight of street kid scavengers. I sent the artist two silk prints from the book. Rubbish into art! I still have the little bag of rubbish. 🙂


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