Flint & Feather Resurrected

Above the laptop is a packet of radish seeds. A ball of string.
Adjustable spanner.
Two staplers.

To the right of the laptop is a blue mug from the pottery attached to Aylesford Priory.
Reflected in the laptop screen is the curtain hanging across the shed door (greenhouse shading).

Behind the laptop is a wooden wall with insulation attached (bubble wrap).

The insulated wooden wall belongs to the shed at the allotment.

Outside, things are growing. I’ve dug, weeded, planted. Watered. Fed. Sought advice.

Inside this outside I made this growing space. An obelisk, inside a circle, inside a circle, inside a square. Beans. Chives. Radish seeds. Basil seeds. Nasturtium seeds.

On the corners of the square, a golden courgette, a round green courgette, a squash, a clump of sorrel.

Next to this, a patch of cabbages.

And in the midst of all this, I’ve resurrected my novel Flint & Feather.  It had been stalled, frozen. What I mean is, it needed digging, weeding, planting, watering, feeding. Et cetera. In other words, like all the growing things at the allotment, it needed love.

How could I ever have known that for the hearting-up of a cabbage, all that was required was love?

And its tools. Seeds. String. Spanner. Staplers. Secateurs.

All you need to resurrect a novel.

An allotment. It’s not just about growing fruits and veggies.

I like the cast shadows. Sweetcorn hold hands here, doing a circle dance.Sweetcorn



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2 Responses to Flint & Feather Resurrected

  1. Susan says:

    I swear I must visit you one day.


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