Rust Dyed Eco Prints

Eco Print Rust Orange Sari Silk on Organza 23 June 2015Another eco print from the May bundles. It’s fabric – muslin. As with other bundles from this batch, there’s little evidence of the plant matter I used.

Eco Print on Muslin Rust Yellow Orange Sari Silk Vegetation 23 June 2015The second picture is of the second sheet of this bundle. I made a sandwich of plant matter and rusty staples.

Then I rolled it up and bound it with recycled red and yellow sari silk yarn. The yarn dye and rust from the staples dominate.

I steamed this bundle (with others) for about 2 hours, then left it for about a week before unrolling it.

Eco Print Bundles Fabric Dyed with Rhubarb LeavesThe bundle’s among the batch in the third picture.

There’s a lively musicality to these prints, I think, from the dancing rust marks imprinted on the cloth.

I have a growing collection of rusty nails and hooks I’m picking up from our  allotment plot. And I’m asking other allotmenteers to save anything rusty for me.

Do they think I’m mad?  No, I’ve had nothing but interest and curiosity. And I was handed a lovely big, thick rusted bolt recently, which I hope to get to use soon.

Allotmenteers – and people who grow things in general – are preternaturally creative and curious, I think.




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