Eclipses and Cuckoos

Five Dark One Light Stone 14 May 2015(Evidently) I’ve been silent. No, silence is a smooth lake.  I’ve been a *glaire of white noise. Oh, eclipses. I didn’t know about their aftershocks which like depth charges, sound silently under water. (I know, it’s not possible to sound in silence – but allow me this one oxymoron). Okay, so I saw the sound (oxymoron 2). It was of feathers lying  on an ocean floor, then disturbed by a black moon plunging like a stone from the upper regions.

Eclipses – detonations – black moons that were just too much like eggs, five eggs,
in a nest, five dark eggs ringing a sixth – big pale  and Stones Sliced 15 May 2015foreign. A cuckoo’s egg.

But I saw in the end that they were only stones. And I found these others – nine black stones split clean in half. And inside, each a wonderful universe of uniqueness.

And they gave me a wonderful idea. It took my breath away. I haven’t had my breath taken away in such a while I thought doomed to eternal breathfulness.

So the cuckoo is hatched.  Well, it is May now, when you hear the cuckoo call.


* Glaire: the white of an egg; albumen

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7 Responses to Eclipses and Cuckoos

  1. Hey! Hi! Been ‘off air’ as well for more than a month I think. (I tried posting a comment before but it doesn’t show so I’m trying again.) The white noise this side was deafening!

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  2. Hey, hi! In fact only reconnected to the internet yesterday since about a month and maybe a bit ago. Been rather abysmal but surfaced – don’t know yet if well enough. Love stones.


    • AnnIsikArts says:

      It seems we have both been in watery realms. Who knows? We may have swum past each other in the murky depths. I sincerely and wholeheartedly hope that your recovery accelerates to warp speed 10. As stones are also eggs, it seems, we can both look forward to a fertile period. 🙂


  3. Susan says:

    And the May wine is brewing.

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