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Spring Springs at the Allotment

We took on an allotment plot, long neglected, last autumn. The weather angel gave us a month of good weather. We cleared away rubbish, cleaned and painted, deep dug and conditioned some squares and rectangles of soil in which to plant potatoes and brassicas in this new growing season. Continue reading

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Spring Sprung

Spring sprung. Continue reading

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Eclipses and Cuckoos

(Evidently) I’ve been silent. No, silence is a smooth lake. I’ve been a *glaire of white noise. Oh, eclipses. I didn’t know about their aftershocks which like depth charges, sound silently under water. (I know, it’s not possible to sound in silence – but allow me this one oxymoron). Okay, so I saw the sound (oxymoron 2) a disturbance of feathers dormant on an ocean floor. Continue reading

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