Jeni’s Tulip Petal – An Easter Greetings Card

Jenni's Tulip Petal 1 April 2015I had an Easter greetings card in the post today, from a long-time friend in Ireland. It was handmade especially for my husband and me and included this gorgeous dried petal from a tulip that blossomed in her garden last year.

I don’t deserve friends. I’m the worst correspondent.  And she’s been poorly, too. I’m ashamed. But I’m going to send her one of my eco prints on khadi paper. She’ll get the shock of her life.  I hope it shocks her into better health.

The thoughtfulness of the card deepens. My husband’s of Turkish origin. Did you know that tulips didn’t originate in Holland, but came to Europe during the 16th century from Turkey?  Tulip, its shape resembling the turban, is supposed to come from the Turkish word for gauze – lale –  the fabric of turbans, though my translation for gauze is bez.

In flower language, purple tulips symbolise royalty. Maybe that’s because in the 17th century you’d need to be royalty to afford the price of a single tulip bulb. Between 1634 and 1637, the enthusiasm for tulips triggered a frenzy known as the tulip mania when tulip bulbs became a sort of currency.

From now on, the tulip will remind me of a greater treasure than money, that of friendship.

My friend’s card has an uncanny aspect, in that she doesn’t yet know about my new enthusiasm – for  eco printing.

I sent off my Arthouse Coop Sketchbook Tour 2015 contribution yesterday, meeting the postmark deadline by the skin of my teeth, as usual.  I’ll be posting some of its 41 images shortly.





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2 Responses to Jeni’s Tulip Petal – An Easter Greetings Card

  1. Loved this entire piece! My tulips are up but will not be blooming yet. A Tulip Petal Card! Amazing idea. Happy Easter, Anne!

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    • AnnIsikArts says:

      Happy Easter to you too, Renie. It’s my birthday next week, too and will be visiting the Royal Horticultural Society’s chief garden, at Wisley (about an hour from us). It’s a bit early for tulips here. I have one daffodil in bloom in my garden at present. 🙂


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