Eclipses, Bloodlines and Blood Moons

Two Eclipses Bloodline Blood MoonMy visual journal entry to mark the week. A week of eclipses (two). I’m using blackish tones in this little piece. One black obscuring another. The brownish-black squares are the front and back of two used (blackcurrant?) teabags from my ever-increasing stash. Square black moons placed over another used teabag – of green tea and it’s  yellow-white. There’s two semi-circles pencilled-in at the bottom of the top moon and the top of the bottom moon. I’m going to stitch these with the tea-dyed embroidery cotton that rests under the red line. This is a bit of red recycled sari silk. It represents a bloodline. It weaves right across and separates the landscapes of the two suns and around the top of one of a growing collection of black round stones I am digging up at the allotment. Broken open, they are red. It may be bloodstone. Gem buffs out there, help me. I’m calling this a blood moon.

Teabag Drawer in Printer's Chest, Studio March 2015

Teabag Drawer in Printer’s Chest, Studio March 2015

Strangely, the next important astronomical event this year, I discovered, when researching blood moons, will be in September – a blood moon. It’ll be rust-red. It’s caused by the earth passing between the sun and the moon, thus blocking the sun’s light to the moon. Another apt metaphor.

The second image is of my teabag drawer in my studio. My stash of used and dried teabags is mounting daily. It smells heavenly. I do love the red and the blackish ones, red moons and black eclipses.

When I’ve done with this work, I think I might try and translate it into a small painting. I haven’t painted in quite some time. Some of my eco prints may translate into paintings.

What are you marking of the week in your journal? I’d like to know.




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4 Responses to Eclipses, Bloodlines and Blood Moons

  1. Susan says:

    Yes the solar eclipse has such a powerful influence.


  2. I am finding the meeting of the blood moons and eclipses with the Jewish festivals in a Sabbath year very interesting. IS this event what inspired the works?

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    • AnnIsikArts says:

      No, Joseph, it was the solar eclipse and an unexpected personal one. Why I chose to include the stone and connect it with a ‘blood moon’ I cannot explain. I dug up this particular stone last Sunday. Inside, it will be red. I’d only heard the term ‘blood moon’ somewhere and not recently. I’ve just had a quick look round the web in light of your comment and am fascinated at the four blood moons we are going to witness this year and what some consider to be their possible spiritual significances. I will read more. There may be more moons turning up in my work! Thanks for reading. Ann


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