Arthouse Coop Sketchbook Project 2015 – Progress

Arthouse Coop 2015 Eco Print I A few pages shuffled
my hands uncertain
tentative as always.
One page is full of tears

Arthouse Coop Sketchbook Tour 2015 Eco Print IVas I am tears and bad repairs
that won’t hold, of remains
of lives that didn’t last. But their stories
are beautiful, aren’t they?

Eco Print V Arthouse Coop 2015 Do we? Last?
The big question.
There are the signs. I believe.
Keeping faith has to be enough.

Eco Print III Arthouse Coop 2015I’m going for a mystery
at the heart of the book
or, in my terms
Below the Line.

Have I just written a poem?

The idea came in the night – as they often do – to use more of my eco prints on coffee filters, as page wrappers.

I like the metaphysics of wrapping.

I dreamt when I slept that my cat was ill. In distress, she was howling to be let out and when out, ran off to a garden where she plunged into cool and healing waters. It’s the second such dream of my cat in distress, second night in a row. She isn’t sick, my cat (I checked!)  But I know who is. It’s not me.

I’m lighting a candle. Lighting a way to the healing waters. Fire for water. I lit another such candle, a while back, in Aylesford Priory. St Francis came and gave me an image – of a fan. There’s fire and water in my eco prints, come to think of it. Earth and air.

Who said night was for sleeping? What is sleeping, anyway? I seem to do most of my business asleep, in the dark hours. Business isn’t the art, as you see, but the reason for the art. And to be anything but blundering and bumbling would require that I see into the future and not just my own. I’m grateful to the Sender of Ideas. And messages.

At last it is fanning out, like a hand of cards, a raison d’etre for my coffee filter eco prints.

What is in your spread of cards today?





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3 Responses to Arthouse Coop Sketchbook Project 2015 – Progress

  1. … and yes, thanks, it helps.

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  2. Yes, you have written a poem. As for the tears on the page, respect it. Do we last? I think I know so. Death is not an ending. I’ve been visited by enough ghosts by now. On the agenda (or in the cards) to be done with grieving. The work is beautiful!

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    • AnnIsikArts says:

      You’re very kind about my work. It’s taking me on some interesting ‘poetic walks’. We are in accord re: ‘lasting’. We seem to have parallel lives in that. I think I’ll be doing more book art. I seem to get ‘somewhere’, folding and wrapping and manipulating papers. Thanks again for reading. 🙂

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