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How to Handle Writing Competition Scams

I’ve rarely entered writing contests but in the first week of November (2014) I decided to take part in a competition through what I believed was a bona fide online organisation, offering not only competitions, but proofreading and editing services. It wasn’t bona fide and here’s how I got my money back. Continue reading

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Walking into Love, a Sonnet: The Loving Quark

The Loving Quark

Said Einstein, “into nature look, look deep
and better all things will you understand.”
To look into the heart – the seat
of love – he was, it seemed, imploring man. Continue reading

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The Mysterious Matter of the Hydden Optician

In between eco printing and writing flash fiction, I’ve also been scribbling away at a trine of short stories (with illustrations – mine), that I’m going to publish shortly as an ebook. I put the finishing touches to Leaves, Three Short Tales yesterday morning and gave myself a couple of hours off to catch up with dreadful, and dreaded domestic affairs. Continue reading

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Two (Salvaged) Eco Prints on Khadi Paper

I had managed to ruin these two postcard-sized eco prints – which came out of a January batch of bundles – by adding too much encaustic wax. Drenched would be the appropriate verb to use.

They turned black and hard, like they had been smoked over an open fire. The leaf patterning was obliterated, except when held up to light.

Eco Print on Khadi Paper 15 February 2015I laid them aside, knowing I ought to dispose of them,but couldn’t.

I forgot about them. Then yesterday the idea came to me that I should … Continue reading

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Friday Fictioneers 100 Word Flash Fiction Challenge: The Shadowfall Quilt

The Shadowfall Quilt

She’d stitched many quilts. They’d gone to the four corners. She needed now to put away her needle and decided on one final quilt, to represent her life.

In her quilting chair on the veranda, she dreamt. The house across the way was staring at her. From its long black door, a voice said, “the sun never knew how wonderful it was until it fell on the wall of a building.” Continue reading

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Walking Rye Harbour

I found this shell (mollusc) while walking the beach at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve last Saturday. Look, it’s a fan and at its centre, another smaller fan. Continue reading

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Friday Fictioneers 100 Word Story Challenge: DS Squared Et Cetera

DS Squared Et Cetera

“Lovely approach to her tomb.”
“The pathways are dead ends.”
She looked. “Meaning?”
“Legend says the maze symbolised the unbridgeable divide between the living and the dead.”
“Why have you brought me here?” Continue reading

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Walking and Falling (Salt and Snow)

snow drop
lamb drop
In snow
salt circles
burns snow
Life flowers Continue reading

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