A Perambulation of the Corpus Striatum

Sari Silk Dyed Fabric Dyed Organza Pinned 27 January 2015An image is forming.

From an eco print on cotton. Unrolling the bundle revealed these luscious livid lines. They’re imprints made by the red sari silk I wound round the bundle before steaming.

Veins, I thought, and that I could develop this print to further my Below the Line project.

Then, striata came to mind. I looked the word up.

The Free Dictionary:
striatum, striata — a mass of nervous tissue within the brain.

Functionally, the striatum helps coordinate body movements with motivation. Coordinating motivation and body movement can be as simple as controlling fine-motor functions, or as complex as inhibiting one’s behavior depending upon social interactions.

A French language botanical definition piqued my interest. It uses striata (stries) synonymously with veins (veines).

I bought some piping yesterday to make venous pathways in this print. Connecting roads between my physical and conceptual worlds? There’s the plant material from perambulations of my garden; and there’s (unexpectedly) my corpus striatum – that’s the bundle of nervous tissue in my brain that’s trying to coordinate my body movements with my motivation. I do hope this nervous mass is a labyrinth rather than a maze.

I think I need to pay my corpus striatum more attention, now that I am aware of its existence. My body movements rarely seem to follow my motivations.




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  1. Haha! Last line…me too. 🙂

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