Art House Co-operative’s Sketchbook Tour 2015

Arthouse Coop Sketchbook Project 2015 Book Front Cover with Fan Eco Print 21 January 2015I decided a couple of months ago to take part again in the annual Arthouse Coop sketchbook challenge and tour and to use the sketchbook they sent me to complete for the 2015 challenge, to progress my Below the Line project.

My 2015 entry will inevitably encompass eco printing and though the deadline for returning the completed sketchbook to Arthouse in New York is not till the end of March, I’ve already begun making eco prints using the sketchbook’s pages. I undid the staples and took the book apart and I’ve made eco prints using several sheets of the book’s paper. I’ve also dyed the cover by boiling it in sphagnum moss and water.

Here is the cover above, dyed and with a loose jacket of an eco-printed paper coffee filter.  Eco Print on Paper Art House Coop Sketchbook Project 2015 Side I   21 January 2015I will eventually fix this jacket to the book.

And here to the right is an eco-printed double spread of sketchbook pages.

This will be the third time I’ve taken part in this challenge. The sketchbooks are all taken on tour to venues across the US and the last time I took part, it also toured to London and I went up by train and was pleased to meet other participating artists in person, and be able to see and handle their works.

I still get occasional emails from Arthouse to say someone has checked out and viewed one or other of my previous sketchbooks. It’s nice to know my work is being looked at, however occasionally, in New York. If you read this and you’re in New York, and passing Brooklyn Art Library, please ask to see my sketchbooks.

And if you happen to live close to the 2015 sketchbook tour venues, I hope you’ll visit the exhibition and view my sketchbook.

Look at it.

Feel it.

Smell it.

Don’t try to eat it. That might kill you.

Anyone out there participating?




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