Eco Print on Paper (Accidental Resist Dye)

Eco Print on Unknown Fine Art Printing Paper II  Side I 29 December 2014

Sometimes in natural/eco dyeing, the plant matter used acts as a resist, in that it blocks the dye/dyes from imprinting the paper or other material. In this piece, the eucalyptus leaf I used, instead of acting as a dye, has inhibited dye (the white bit) from penetrating the paper. It’s called resist dyeing. There are whole ancient traditions of resist dyeing. Look up Ikat and Bandhani; and tie-dye.

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4 Responses to Eco Print on Paper (Accidental Resist Dye)

  1. Susan says:

    Very cool and cool colors.


  2. Hello Ann, I wanted to wish you a happy new year.
    I hope 2015 is all you wish for.


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