Eco Print on Paper

Eco Print Side I Without Border on Unknown Fine Art Paper 2 January 2014

I’ve used red eucalyptus and other plant materials, rolled the bundle and wrapped and tied it with sari silk (the criss-cross marks).

This is some sort of fine art printing paper which I can’t name as I’ve lost its label.But I think I know where I bought it so can probably identify it from an invoice. It’s fine, but strong.

Before bundling, I steeped it with other papers and fabrics for about a week in water already tinted from a previous batch of eco prints, then wrung it out. It’s a bit like silk I think and has absorbed nicely the dyes from the leaves and sari silk. I like the atmosphere of the image. I shall be able to do something with this print, I think, of floating circles underscored by that row of dancing crosses.

I hope you are all – artists, writers, walkers and spiritual seekers, gearing up for and looking forward to your respective journeys into 2015. Courage and blessings.






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4 Responses to Eco Print on Paper

  1. Quite lovely! I would like to try this one day. Happy New Year, Ann!


  2. Seth says:

    This is quite beautiful Ann. A very happy new year to you and big thank you for your thoughts about The Creative Pulse column in CPS.


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