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Eco Print (Acer Palmatum Leaves and Rusty Staples on Kadhi Paper)  (c) Ann Isik 2014

Eco Print (Acer Palmatum Leaves and Rusty Staples on Kadhi Paper)
(c) Ann Isik 2014

A few more eco prints from my second batch.  The first has a small whitish circle in the upper left corner reminiscent of a sun or moon. I can’t help thinking of this as an ancient landscape.

Acer on Rectangular Kahdi Eco Print Side I 18 November 2014The second is another print on kadhi paper, using red Acer Palmatum leaves and rusty staples. Here, the red of the leaves has become blackish. Something I’ve learnt: Red Acer Palmatum leaves dyes blackish on kadhi paper. Fan VI Eco Print     Side I 18 November 2014

Another eco print on a coffee filter. I can’t recall exactly what I used – obviously, many rusty staples. And autumn-coloured ornamental cherry leaves.

I love the grey in this. And the smoky lilac. And the black smoke. I can almost smell it.

I can say I find these beautiful because I didn’t make them: I didn’t do anything but introduce organic matter to the ground (kadhi or coffee filter paper). Nature and science did the rest.

Upside down, the fans make me think gypsy skirts. Smoke, music, and what wonderful camouflage, landscapes hiding in landscapes.

Pink and Sari Silk Eco Print on Lining Fabric Side II 18 November 2014This last is one from bundles I made with the same organic matter as the others, but on squares of the garment lining fabric I had stuffed away in a drawer. It’s of unknown origin, but probably, largely or wholly, cotton. I particularly like the embossed pink strands at the bottom of the print. They look like pink roots but derive from the pressure of the red sari silk with which I bound the bundles. You have to make tight bundles to make the ground and organic material come as closely together as possible.



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