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Christmas Meanings

I’ve reblogged this. Wonderful!

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More Eco Prints

A few more eco prints from my second batch. The first has a small whitish circle in the upper left corner reminiscent of a sun or moon. I can’t help thinking of this as an ancient landscape. Continue reading

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Heart Whispers

Originally posted on DANCES WITH CANCER:
Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. ~ Rumi ~

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Unbundling: My Second Batch of Eco Prints, Short Story Writing and Allotmenteering

I’ve been itching for the week to pass so I could open up my second batch of eco print bundles.

The first picture shows half of a long narrow band of the jacket lining fabric (probably cotton) that I used for some of my first eco prints. This time the colour is more pronounced. Again, I bound the bundles with sari silk and the colour has transferred. I also sandwiched in some rusty staple gun staples. I found a whole boxful in the shed that have lain around for a long time and are no longer fit for purpose. The frieze – as I’m calling it – looks like some sort of music notation. Continue reading

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Knitting with Ivy: Jesus Puja

Yes, this is ivy and I’ve been knitting with it. On bamboo needles. It was a sudden urge. Some of it I did in the middle of the night. Continue reading

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My First Eco Prints

This is one of the results of my first batch ever of eco prints. I did a number of bundles, as they are called, using leaves and flowers gathered from my own garden. I just used whatever fabrics and papers I had to hand, sandwiched the organic matter between two sheets of whatever, then rolled them up and bound them tightly. I then steamed them for an hour or so and set them aside for a week. Continue reading

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