A Drawing and On Drawing

Drawing Plants Garden TableI began this drawing earlier in the year – before breaking my shoulder. I haven’t done much of this kind of drawing – in situ, in front of a subject, with just a pencil and a piece of paper – for a long time. I am out of practice. Clearly, by all the alterations. But you have to get it right, no matter what it takes. Or how long. This took about 4 hours over 2 days. It’s of a group of plants on a pedestal table with a round metal top, in our garden. It was frustrating, working this slowly, but at the same time calming, as the process demanded my full attention and focus.

There are lots of corrections, and it’s unlikely I’ll finish this, given the broken shoulder. I hope to do more of this kind of work though. I learned a lot about the plants that I hadn’t noticed before; how the leaves form, for instance, on the various plants. One of the plants is a Veronica and its leaves form and arrange themselves in pairs, and opposite to each other in the stem, as opposed to alternating up the stem.

The drawing may never be finished, but nothing I have learnt from doing this drawing will be lost.

Hat on Post and Chalked Face

Hat on Post and Chalked Face

Drawing was probably the first response man ever made to the creative urge. As primitive man walked his landscape, he searched the means to make his mark on rocks and walls.

And fences. We came across this drawing on a recent walk across a section of the North Downs. Someone lost his bonnet, it seems. Found by a passerby, he or she draped it across this fence post, then picked up a piece of chalk and drew in this primitive face. Was it to draw attention to the hat, or a response to a primitive urge to draw?

I like that the face is smiling. It made us smile, too. The artist likes making people smile, I think. I would have liked to meet him or her.

If you recognise this as your work, reveal yourself!



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