Walking off a Cliff: Creating when Injured

I did. Well, I slid part way down the bottom bit and smashed my shoulder, a week ago today. Might need surgery. Fingers crossed. It was all very dramatic. Two ambulances. (Did they think I was in bits that would need taking to different places?) Gas and air administered in the ambulance. I started to sing. Really badly. Sorry, Andy, Ray and Dave (paramedics/ambulance driver).

Things get better daily. As you see, I can type. If I rest the wrist of the broken arm on my laptop under the keyboard, I can get my fingers over most of the keys. The exclamation mark is a bit painful, but I’ve more or less banned myself from use of this anyway as too easy a substitute for more interesting vocabulary.

Attempt at Painting with Right Hand: Grid with Cells, Fan with Arrows, on Brown Line and Enclosed. Dr Ph Martin's Liquid Watercolours

Attempt at Painting with Right Hand: Grid with Cells, Fan with Arrows, on Brown Line and Enclosed. Dr Ph Martin’s Liquid Watercolours

I have tried to do some artworks with my right hand (I’m a leftie and it’s the left shoulder I’ve mangled). Interesting. I could only do simple stuff but it sort of honed down my brain too. In these, I am just arranging some of the visual vocabulary I’ve been finding for my Below the Line project.

It occurred recently that my Below the Line project is about events occurring in time and space and needed setting. I’ve been looking at the nature of space, kinds of space. Especially since my encounter with the kind of space described in the May 24 entry of the St Francis Breviary, which I wrote about in my last blog. I’m having some interesting walks in my research, including into caves and grottos such as those at Lascaux and Les Combarelles (the latter of which I’ve walked in real life).

So in this crude coloured drawing above, I’ve surrounded my content in a sort of bubble and situated this on a brown line to anchor the event to the ground. I was thinking about grounding and lines and lines as wires and tightropes. The issue of tension arises.

There is a lot to consider and explore arisen from this crippled little work.

My fingers need a rest now.























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11 Responses to Walking off a Cliff: Creating when Injured

  1. Susan says:

    Oh so sorry. I hope you are on the mend. Scary.


  2. Just yesterday gave an art lesson to a woman who drove off a cliff. Broke her shoulder blade and very serious concussion. Has to relearn how to draw. We did some exercises and she was right there but her concentration span wasn’t so good. Matter of practise.


    • AnnIsikArts says:

      That’s a far worse accident than mine. I didn’t hit my head, though I all but passed out! Good luck to your student. The more you use your brain, the more likely it is that it will remake the connections it needs. I can already see ‘why’ I had the accident and some of it is to do with ‘floors’ I thought were there and safe, but weren’t. And of course, that’s true at the spiritual level too. 🙂


  3. Hi Ann so sorry to hear about your fall/accident. Two ambulances is impressive though I must say.
    I do hope you get better soon as being injured and not able to do what you love to do sucks big time. Take care and have a speedy recovery.


    • AnnIsikArts says:

      Thanks. When my husband phoned 999 however, he got the French emergency services as we were close to Dover! He had to walk to a local pub for help. Meanwhile I’m sitting in agony on a grassy area with folks exercising their dogs. Three little poodle pups dashed across and were jumping on my broken shoulder. I, ashen-faced, could say and do nothing. Their owner was miffed. “They’re only puppies!” she complained. I wondered what she thought when she saw two ambulances screaming towards me. You have to laugh! As you see, I’m am managing to type, so I can write, though I have to place my wrist on and off the laptop with the other hand. Nice to hear from you again. 🙂


  4. Oooh, nasty, hope things get fixed up for you okay, Ann. As for the singing – well, I’m tone-deaf so I sympathise with you and the ambulance officers!


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