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Singing in a Sling: Elle a Fui la Tourterelle: Les Contes d’Hoffmann: Offenbach

I can sing, in a sling!

I had a go at this aria a couple of weeks ago. There are many versions on You Tube. I like this interpretation because it is excerpted from a staged opera and thus live rather than studio recorded, or performed as part of a recital; and Diana Damrau has such a meaty dramatic voice.

The Tales of Hoffmann is an opera in three acts composed by Jacques Offenbach. Elle a Fui … is Antonia’s aria from the second act. Its most famous aria is from act 3, Belle nuit, ô nuit d’amour, sung by the character Giulletta. Continue reading

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Bees and Trees: More on Intentional Printing by Lynn Krawczyk: Colour

‘ve already reviewed some of Lynn Krawczyk’s book Intentional Printing. Being creatively handicapped to a degree with a broken shoulder, I’m at least and at last able to devote more time to studying in greater depth the how-to mixed media books I’ve been collecting and list on my page Recommended Books for Mixed Media Artists.

I’ve been reflecting on Chapter One, Exploring Intentional Printing, particularly the section on colour.

“It’s important to spend … time thinking about how color makes you feel.” Continue reading

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Friday Fictioneers 100 Word Flash Fiction Challenge: Cornered


A goat took up residence in a corner.

“He can’t live here.”

“His belly’ll tell him.”

Press came; religious groups offering garlands, money. Animal militants smashed windows. Continue reading

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Intentional Printing by Lynn Krawczyk

I promised a while back that I’d try out and report back on the techniques presented in the books I’m listing on my Recommended Books For Mixed Media Artists page. I planned on doing one a week. Of course, I … Continue reading

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Walking off a Cliff: Creating when Injured

I did. Well, I slid part way down the bottom bit and smashed my shoulder, a week ago today. Might need surgery. Fingers crossed. It was all very dramatic. Two ambulances. (Did they think I was in bits that would … Continue reading

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St Francis Gives Me An Image

The last time I wrote about art, I reported how I’d broken my printer trying to print on paper coffee filters. Before taking the mangled machine to printer hospital, I had one last go at healing it myself. And this … Continue reading

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