Ted's View (c) Ted Strutz 2014

Ted’s View
(c) Ted Strutz 2014

Every Friday authors worldwide gather around the virtual fireside of Rochelle Wisoff and share stories of 100 words, prompted by a common photograph, and exchange constructive criticism. Readers’ comments are also welcome. This week’s photo has been provided by Ted Strutz. Thanks Ted!


“So you like hurting people and found a way of doing it legally.” This, followed by a whinny.
Christian recognised the outlandish jocularity as a manifestation of fear – but some days he couldn’t help himself.
“You guessed.” He revealed the syringe to his patient; squirted local into the air.
“My grandfather caught me anaesthetising the cat with lido-drenched cotton balls.”
The man paled.
“Your g-grandfather had lido?”
“He was a dentist too. And my father. Dentistry goes right back to Germany in the Szell family.”
The man fainted.
Christian smiled. No need to waste expensive anaesthetics on Marathon Man fans.

Ann Isik
100 Words

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22 Responses to Anaesfearsia

  1. Dear Ann,

    Is it safe?

    Good one. 😉




  2. Nan Falkner says:

    Dear Ann, Really good story. Do you remember the movie “The Man With One Red Shoe?” Every time I think of dentists pulling teeth, I think of the bungling spies pulling out all of this innocent guys teeth – thinking his teeth had some message on them. What a scream and I’m still laughing at it. You did good! Thanks, Nan 🙂


  3. Ha.. I wonder if the next step would be to flash a few tools from the hardware story for added effect… but I guess the german accent did the work.


  4. Sarah Ann says:

    Very clever.


  5. Oh, yuck! Marathon Man. Well done and a great (?) reminder of a good movie.


  6. Ann, Good story. Just so he can get the man’s mouth to stay open. He better check for breathing aslo. That’s one way to save money, but his bill shouldn’t be as high either. Well written. 🙂 —Susan


  7. That’s clever. Well done.


  8. Sandra says:

    Oh I loved this! I’m grinning from ear to ear. Well done.


  9. pattisj says:

    LOL This is a great story, Ann.


  10. hafong says:

    Scary fellow!


  11. Shandra says:

    Oh boy. RUN! too late.


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