Sharing: Atlanta Book Artist Brian Dettmer



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2 Responses to Sharing: Atlanta Book Artist Brian Dettmer

  1. This is amazing – I don’t see this as the destruction of a book, but rather homage to the power of the printed word in a completely different, innovative way.


    • AnnIsikArts says:

      Thanks for reading. I think the same. If a book is going to be destroyed and is for one reason or another, out of date, it’s better it’s ‘upcycled’ into a new thing of beauty than just dumped. I have a huge ‘book’ awaiting a new life that is an old version of the entire French judicial system. Its cover is beautiful and its pages beautifully yellowed and its fonts gorgeous. But I’ve bought books to upcycle (and into handbags!) that I haven’t been able to ‘mutilate’ because they are beautiful just a objects and so I have kept them!


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